Nouveau firmware pour le Cantar-X3

New in version 2.12 

WARNING, Before loading 2.12 release, update first Cantar Operating system to the last version if needed (see. OS release)


  • Running this new version, may change the 2 letters of your file tag
    (e.g. if your last record was labelled GT0120, the next one will be HL0121).

Main features

  • A metadata WepApp is available through Ethernet or wifi connection.
    1 – Connect your device tablet (e.g. iPad) or computer to the Cantar.(PC or MAC).
    Your device may warn you about the fact internet is not available on this connection.
    2 – Open your web browser and enter the Cantar’s IP address :
    – when using Wifi :
    – when using ethernet, the IP address given by Display IP address in the Technical Menu.
    3 – You will be realtime connected to your Cantar and able to edit/view the metadata of the working day.
  • Solo improvements
    When soloing an input, corresponding track’s vumeter is highlighted
    When soloing a single input, trigger Solo of the first corresponding track by pressing the Left or Right key
    When soloing a single track, trigger Solo of the first input of the track by pressing the Left or Right key
  • Talk To Tracks : select between All Tracks / Mix Tracks or a specific
    Track on which the Talk Back is sent when pressing Shift + Talk back keys (be careful to select a track that is recorded)
  • Using Cantarem / Cantarem 2 keys, Shift can now be pressed on Cantar side
  • Snap Report: Multi reports according to take types (same as in backup)
  • Using file network acces, the write premission is enabled on both SD cards
  • Wifi status added in the stop position

Bug fixes

  • Metadata on Poly & Mix files (was creating page breaks in Pdf by altering TapeRef)
  • Audio wave form accuracy (the « silent rec » warning message was displaying inappropriately).
  • Shift+F2 during metadata edit open the solo lineout dialog box
  • Some freeze at SD format start-up
  • AES42 Power ON/OFF was inverted into the interface
  • The isolated post fade level (P1,P2..) was not displayed in « select Outmap » dialog box
  • The isolated post fade level was not managed correctly in headphone. The regular mix down was not affected by the bug.
  • Some problems at format start-up